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Using Pay Per Click for Small Business
One of the biggest challenges to the small business owner is visibility. How to compete with larger brands and major labels is a significant concern for even the most successful small business. In many respects, pay per click marketing provides small business owners an unprecedented opportunity to access online marketing with relative ease. The benefits of pay per click for small business are numerous; you have greater control over your marketing campaign than offered by search engine optimization alone; you can decide what, when, where, and how you want to say in your marketing endeavours; and though it is a paid advertising model, pay per click is relatively affordable and directly linked to the success of your campaign.

There are some important guidelines for making the most of pay per click for small business marketing. First and foremost, you want to try to combine pay per click marketing with some kind of organic, unpaid marketing. Pay per click provides you with an immediate online presence, where you achieve visibility more quickly than organic internet marketing tactics. Nevertheless, search engine optimization (SEO) provides long term marketing solutions that can be maintained at relatively no cost. Typical SEO efforts focus on keyword density and linking but must use very specific key phrases. The benefit of pay per click is that you can broaden the scope of your keyword selection while still reaching the appropriate customer base. Similar to SEO, pay per click is aimed at drawing traffic to your website so you still need to take some time to understand your customers', their needs, and how to tap into these desires through online marketing. A combined effort that utilizes SEO and pay per click gives you a greater opportunity to improve your brand recognition and expand your customer base.

Google AdWords is an excellent service for creating and running ads that you pay for only when a customer clicks on that ad. When you use a scheme like AdWords, your link appears along the top and side of a Google search results page, allowing you to advertise to an audience that already has interest in the business or service you provide. Yahoo! and Bing also provide similar pay per click for small business services. You can even get started today.

Still, pay per click advertising for small businesses is more than just developing a catchy banner or well placed ad. Indeed, once you have attracted your customer through pay per click marketing, you need to give them something that meets their expectations. Your landing page will be the first page your customer sees after clicking on your link. Your company profile, services, and offers should be laid out clearly and attractively to give your company the most professional first impression possible. Pay per click for small business is an excellent way to attract customers to your company, but you need to back that up with the real goods.